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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes therapy successful? Will it work for me? 

The two most influential factors for successful therapy are the therapeutic relationship and a client's active engagement in the process. Therapy is a collaborative process and it's important that clients practice new behaviors and/or ways of thinking outside of session. Additionally, being able to trust and connect with your provider is critical. For that reason, Rebecca encourages clients to share feedback about what does and does not work, whether related to a new tool or technique or aspects of the therapeutic alliance e.g. communication, style, etc.


The following website published by the American Psychological Association provides excellent information to better understand psychotherapy and what makes it successful. Check it out here: 

How long does therapy last?

Therapy is a unique experience for each person who walks in the door and length of treatment will depend on a variety of factors. Typically, treatment focused on specific, targeted goals will last for a shorter period of time e.g. 6 months, while addressing multiple problems or ongoing stressors may lead to longer length of treatment e.g. a year or more. During the assessment phase we will gain a better understanding of your history, therapeutic goals, and current support system and stressors in order to discuss what treatment approach(es) may be beneficial. 

Do you take insurance?

Rebecca Skrifvars, LMFT, is an out-of-network treatment provider. Clients provide payment directly to Essentia Psychotherapy at the time of service and have the option to seek reimbursement from their insurance company based on out-of-network benefits.
Clients receive a monthly statement with all the necessary billing information to provide to their insurance company including billing codes, tax identification number (EIN) and diagnosis codes. Depending on the insurance company the process for reimbursement varies slightly. Rebecca will work with each individual to understand the specific steps and requirements for their plan. 

For those concerned about the out-of-pocket cost or fees, please contact Rebecca directly to discuss payment options including sliding scale rates and payment plans. 

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