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essentia | noun | es·sen·tia

definition: essence, being | origin: esse "to be" and sum "I am"

synonyms: being (essential nature) | essence (heart, significance)



Essentia Psychotherapy offers specialized treatment for the full spectrum of eating disorders and food, weight and body image concerns. Owner and therapist, Rebecca Skrifvars, MA, LMFT, also provides treatment for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders including postpartum depression and infertility, as well as support to individuals and couples dealing with general relationship and/or life stressors. 

Rebecca is passionate about combining evidence based treatments with clinical experience to provide compassionate, individualized care that considers client's needs and values. She values collaboration and encourages clients to be empowered in the therapeutic process. Rebecca's philosophy is embodied by the meaning of Essentia: "to be what I am." She believes self-awareness and acceptance provide a foundation for change and promote the capacity for sustained happiness.



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